What do I want…

So… Have you ever found yourself sitting in a restaurant looking over a menu trying to figure out what exactly you feel like eating, all the while the little anxiety ball that sits in your stomach is growing and growing as your waiter slowly makes their way over to your table (for the third time)... Continue Reading →

Why #HomeToVote matters

In case you live under a rock, or don’t have social media (which is basically the same thing) yesterday was a big day. People of Ireland were able to vote in a referendum for the legalisation of same sex marriage; this will not only make it legal, but it will also mean that Ireland’s Constitution... Continue Reading →

Toad Fondling

  February. It’s that time of year where singles (me included) are thrown into a tailspin of depression and weight gain. That one month a year where it is socially acceptable for loved up couples to throw their nauseating happiness and romance in the faces of the sad and alone. But I’m not that bitter; I... Continue Reading →

I’m done with you.

I’m sick of you. I am sick of you judging me. Telling me how I feel. Telling me how I should be handling things. I’m sick of you making me feel insignificant. You make me feel like I don’t know what I am doing. Like I don't matter. I do. I am strong. I am... Continue Reading →

Loving Abroad

Travelling is something that I believe that every single person should do at some point in their lives. It changes you. It really does. It makes you grow and makes you see a different side of yourself that you never knew existed. You learn to appreciate things more. You learn how to handle situations you... Continue Reading →

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