Game well played.

Sometimes life is unfair. Things happen at the worst times – Even if they’re good things and you’re thankful they’ve happened. But you think to yourself. What would’ve been the outcome if this happened 6 months ago?

Bad things always seem to happen at the worst times. But that got me thinking. What exactly is a bad time? Wouldn’t a bad thing happening at a good time be worse that a bad thing happening at a bad time? If you’re already having a bad time, What’s one more disappointment? It’s when a bad thing happens at a good time. When that thing destroys your happiness and throws you off course. Isn’t that worse?

I have to believe that things happen for a reason. I’m not a big believer in destiny and stuff like that. But I need to believe that even the shit things. The things that make you just want to combust and scream “why the fuck!?” These things have to happen for a reason. This reason might not make sense now, or in a month or maybe even a year. But at some point it makes you realise that it happened so something greater can take its place. I have to believe this. Otherwise all I have to say is…

Fuck you life. Game well played.


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