Reality vs Fiction

Sometimes fiction is better than reality. Sometimes those thoughts that are completely ridiculous are better than living with the pain of reality. It’s like the moment just before you wake up. You’re still half asleep and everything seems possible, dreams come true and for that one moment, anything can be real. Then you open your eyes and the sun hits you, and you realize that you should’ve stayed asleep with your dreams, rather than wake up, and feel then crash around you.


Your reality can be better than fiction. If you let it.

You gotta get up, shake it up and live it up. Get excited, do something a little bit stupid. Get your blood pumping and see where it takes you. You just got to give it a chance. Be a bit spontaneous, even it’s just little things. Because that’s how it all starts. It’s hard. But nothing worth having is easy.


Make your dreams a reality.

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