This is your Captain speaking

The turmoil associated with long haul flights.


Loving Abroad

Travelling is something that I believe that every single person should do at some point in their lives. It changes you. It really does. It makes you grow and makes you see a different side of yourself that you never knew existed. You learn to appreciate things more. You learn how to handle situations you... Continue Reading →

Sisterhood of the Traveller

The life of a traveller is not all parties and sunsets. Who am I kidding? It is mostly parties and sunsets; but there can also be some lonely nights I have been living in London for 5 months now. I do not know where the time has gone, but it has definitely been an adventure.... Continue Reading →

Living abroad

Living abroad isn't always rainbows and sunshine. It is hard. There are days that I think "Why on earth did I do this?!" Normally it's the days where I look at my account balance and realise that I am not making rent this month. Granted I have picked one of the most expensive cities in... Continue Reading →

3 week Milestone

I don't even know where to start! It's been three weeks since I got to the UK and three weeks since my last blog. So much has happened in that time. I have been so all over the place, that I haven't even been able to string a sentence together to update my blog. But... Continue Reading →

It’s Happened…

I finally made it. After months of countdowns and 30+ hours on a plane I made it to the UK. I never thought this day would actually come! I am currently siting here in Costa, sipping on a latte watching the hustle and bustle of the city life outside. People going about their day, going to... Continue Reading →

The Time Is Coming

It's nearly time... 3 days until I set off to London - One way, no looking back! To say that I am shit scared is an understatement. I. Am. Terrified. But it's a different kind of fear than I had even a few weeks ago. I think that what I am feeling at the moment... Continue Reading →


There are some things in this world that I simply cannot comprehend; 1. Why anyone would wear jeggins 2.  What goes through the mind of politicians when they say stupid things 3.  Why guys only work out the top half of their bodies 4. Why marriage equality is still an issue 5. How aeroplanes work... Continue Reading →

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