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Where there’s no such thing as a boring topic!


Welcome to The Art Of Knowing Everything! Where there’s no such thing as a boring topic. Caitlin and the two Robs have come together to bring you hilarious informative podcasts about just about anything. Come have a listen, a laugh and learn about things you never even knew you cared about!

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Newest Episode!

Episode 12 –Hertfordshire Jigsaw Murder

We are changing it up today! With one of the Robs delivering this weeks episode, all about the Hertfordshire Jigsaw Murder! Lets put all the pieces together in this chilling True Crime Story!


See our Archive of episodes below!

Episode 1 – Jam

The sweet truth on all things Jammin’!

Episode 2 – Octopuses

Some facts on our 8 legged friends to octipi your thoughts.


Episode 3 – The Illuminati

Lets illuminate this third eye

Episode 4 – Pandas

Our cute friends create pandamonium


Episode 5 – Pizza

We talk around the crust of the issue and slice up all the information


Episode 6 – Hypnosis

A hypnotic look into this sleepy topic


Episode 7 – Neptune

Even from the depth of the ocean we can see Uranus


Episode 8 – Make Up

We promise that we didn’t Make Up any of this


Episode 9 – Witches

Haloweeeeen… in April. Witches be crazy!


Episode 10 – Tattoos

Let’s delve skin deep into this week’s INKredible topic that will leave you in tatters!

Episode 11 – Crabs feat. Eurovision

Two for one: Join us in singing the praises of Eurovision and then listen as we seamlessly segue into the crusty topic of crabs!

Episode 12 – Weddings

What do you call a melon who can’t get married? A Cantelope!

To celebrate the Royal Wedding, as well as the year anniversary until the Rob’s big day we VOW to bring you all you need to know about Weddings!




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